Media Ethics

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Student’s Name: Lecturer’s Name: Course: Date: Media Ethics Question One Media conglomeration refers to the trend where one major media company holds and controls other numerous but smaller media enterprises such as radio, motion pictures, and television among others. Whereas conglomeration may work best in other fields, a conglomeration of the media groups comes with some ethical implications. Observably, media conglomeration gives large institutions powers to dominate the media with some unfair practices. Firstly, through a conglomeration of the media, there would be lack of competing viewpoints and consolidation. Given that such groups are responsible for all the dealing of the industry, they may silence any information that opposes their views. With such kind of practice, the common persons or the public is denied necessary services, leading to the development of undemocratic society (Boyle and Schmierbach 15). Secondly, with the media conglomeration, competition will be reduced. Moreover, lack of competition makes large companies change from serving public service interest to money oriented. Owing to their assurance of larger interest, such corporations will begin compromising the quality of their services at the expense of profit maximization. To some extent, customers will be compelled to pay for more charges due to lack of alternative media houses that can sort their issues. Lastly, gender and minority biasness in advertisements is an ethical issue associated with the conglomeration of the media. Given that women and other minority groups hold less share on TV and other media groups as compared with men and majority groups, reason shows that

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