Media Ecology Theory

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Media Ecology Theory Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Marshall McLuhan came up with the media ecology theory. Through this theory, he developed the media ecology concepts like the use of communication and technology and the role of media in influencing the human changes in the society. The theory, therefore, asserts that the human behaviour is as a result of the media and communication technology. It’s through this technology that humans are influenced. The concept has in the recent past come under strict criticism whereby many critics view this concept as baseless. Although the media provided the platform to advocate for this concept, many have easily disapproved this concept due to the lack of evidence and supporting the argument on the theory. Moreover, the theory has been criticized for being too specific and deterministic that dwell more on the one variable that is the role of technology, but the other variables have been assumed or neglected. Despite this, the theory has been applied on numerous occasions by the mass media. This paper looks at the overview of the theory, its applicability in the media and the society at large and the major critics. Overview of media ecology Media ecology involves the study of the media, the technology, and the communication in media and how it has an effect on the human environments. The concepts as it pertains media ecology were developed by Marshall McLuhan, 1964. In this case media ecology then is the environment whereby the medium is utilized. What the environment is and how it affects the society is described by the environment ("What Is Media Ecology?” 2016). The media according to McLuhan has a

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