Media and the LGBTQ Community

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Media and the LGBTQ Community Recently, the media has focused on members of the LGBTQ community in a great extent. It is quite impossible to encounter a film or TV show that does not integrate this disenfranchised group. While the goal is to encourage diversity and equality, there is a small percentage of media that represents the community negatively. As a matter of fact, cartoon and animation creators have also embraced the diversity of sexual orientation. Despite different perceptions about the LGBTQ community in the media, their representation offers enlightenment about equality to individuals in the society. The media’s incorporation of the LGBTQ community has given me insight on equality. Utilization of these channels ensures that a large group of people receives a given message. Media, due to its affiliation with entertainment, captures the attention of most individuals in the society. While certain age groups find news reports uninteresting, they subscribe to watching TV shows, films and video blogs. My favorite Television series, How to Get Away with Murder, accommodates homosexuals and the LGBTQ community, as a whole. Through Shonda Rhimes, the producer, I learn about the irrelevance of sexual orientation in achieving success. The gay men in Rhimes’ film are both associated with high-end careers and they lead fulfilling and satisfactory lives. Observing these characters in How to Get Away with Murder boosts the confidence of other LGBTQ members. They manage to relate to these experiences, thereby, acquiring solace in the existence of people with indistinguishable preferences. Apropos of media familiarity, I am also a fan of cartoons. Existence of same-sex

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