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Media Analysis Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Media Analysis Canada has seen frequent raids on marijuana dispensaries in the recent past with heated debates over the legality of the substance. After it’s legalization in 2001 for medical purposes, the patients were warranted to growing the plant by themselves or would access through a designated cultivator. In 2013, however, the court challenged the same processes of Marihuana for medicals purposes regulations (MMPR). Last year, a new bill that aimed to curb the circulation of the illicit drug was drafted. However, it is to be effected in July this year, 2018. The process of legislation of bill C-45 leaves the drug illegal except in the situation a physician prescribes it. However, the law leaves a gap where the different provinces can decide about its legality in the different regions. On the other hand, various dispensaries have faced many attacks, yet the legitimacy ultimately depends on the province. How just are these raids? According to Benzie (2017), the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, which controls Ontario’s cannabis retail cooperation (OCRC), has recently made it public that some municipalities in Ontario will open recreational marijuana sites. The system will allow up to 50 shops to open by 2020. The changes leave the OCRC a leeway of monopoly in the market, with huge fines on any other unauthorized dispensary. Furthermore, the law permits that the substance will be consumed by adults only, with each having an average of four plants in their homes. In that case, it allows consumption in private dwellings alone, prohibiting it in public venues and vehicles. Hanger (2017) reveals that some

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