mechatronics technician

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Name Tutor Course Date Mechatronics Technician Outline Outline: Mechatronics is a prospective future career for a mechatronics technician since it combines electrical and mechanical knowledge, it has numerous opportunities, and it is offered in various tertiary institutions. Mechatronics is an interesting career because it has many emerging opportunities, both in the present and the future, and combines mechanical and electrical knowledge. Mechatronics are sophisticated systems that combine the mechanical and electrical systems by the use of control systems and incorporating information technology. Made up of computer software, thus, intelligent in their operations. Has electrical control networks to control mechanical elements such as the engines, valves, motors, and lift arms. Also entail mechanical systems controlled by PLCs The performance of the technicians practicing in the real industry depends on their training. Training provided by colleges is an important factor, especially based on the structure of the curriculum. Programs offered includes technical skills that are possible through the trainer machine that has mechanical drives, pneumatics, and electrical wiring The technicians are trained about advantages of mechatronics including the mechanical systems having their original centralized processing control replaced with a hybrid control that replaces the old complex mechanical systems. The demand and employment opportunities for the mechatronics related jobs are continuing to increase with the increase in the number of industries. Emerging industrial companies and opportunities related to mechatronics have created more demand for the technicians (Irwin and

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