Mechanical Systems in Commercial Buildings revised

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Mechanical Systems Used in Commercial Building Student’s Name Institution A man has continuously manipulated his living environment with the aim of keeping warmth or cold in different periods of the year. With the improvement in the level of technology, he has developed the mechanical systems that can be installed in various commercial and residential buildings, with the aim of creating the more comfortable living environment. The paper discusses the different mechanical systems that are used in commercial buildings. Moreover, it explores their essential purpose in order to enhance efficiency. In the construction of commercial buildings, the heating system is considered to be the most critical mechanical system since it provides constant conditions in the premises. The thermal and humidity-based comfort systems, on the other hand, provide fresh and clean air flow in the buildings. Factors such as the location, commercial functions of the construction, cost, and availability of the system are considered when deciding what systems to incorporate. The following are the most common heating systems used in the construction of the commercial building. The first heating control system used in the buildings is the boiler systems. Some of the most common boilers include the fire tube boilers, cast iron sectional boilers, water tube boilers and electric boilers. These boilers are used to generate hot water and steam for space heating as well as the domestic hot water. The steam and the hot water boilers can be applied in a number of industrial processes including the harnessing of geothermal electric power. The advantages of using boilers as heating systems are diverse.

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