Measuring the U.S. Health Care System: A Cross National Comparison

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Measuring U.S. HealthCare System: A Cross-National Study Student’s Name Institution Measuring U.S. HealthCare System: A Cross-National Study This paper evaluates the current state of healthcare in the United States of America. By looking at the state of the member countries of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), a picture of the American health system can be estimated. The OECD monitors the member countries and generates yearly reports from over 1,200 health system in 30 developed countries. Different measures and parameters are used in the generation of these reports. Cross-national comparisons have allowed assessment of the U.S. healthcare system, point out the strong points and vulnerabilities, and highlight the possible undermining or facilitating factors for improvement. The United States of America spends more than most OECD countries on healthcare but still gets worse outcomes. (OECD, 2016) Current data from the OECD demonstrates that of its total gross domestic product (GDP) the United States expended 17.1 percent on healthcare in 2013, making it the biggest spender among the OECD countries (Anderson & Squires, 2010). It is 50 percent above the country with the second-highest expenditure, France, which spends up to 11.6% of GDP on health, and is almost twice that of The UK which expends 8.8% of the GDP. The common U.S. citizen spent $1,074 out-of-pocket on healthcare on costs such as payment of check ups at the doctors’ offices and common prescription medication besides medical insurance plan payments in 2013. Switzerland spent $1,630 and is the only country whose citizens incurred medical costs that exceeded the

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