Meaning In Life

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Name Professor Course Date Critical Analysis of the Meaning of Life Susan Wolf suggests that meaningfulness in life occurs when a person actively participates in a project of worth. She identifies two things to be of value in life, active engagement, and projects of worth. The satisfaction varies with respect to the person depending on morality, intellectual capacity, and on individual opinion about relationships with other people. The statement raises the issue of standards and value of life as well as questions the idea of God or force of nature responsible for life. In this paper, I argue against what Susan Wolf supports stating that she creates a force of nature without proving its existence and that the presence of variation suggests that the premises are merely opinions rather than statements of facts. Reconstruction of the Theory Wolf developed a theory on the meaning of life popular among most communities in the 21st century. “Meaning arises when subjective attraction meets objective attractiveness” (460) is a statement which summarizes her view of life. She attests to the idea of life having a meaning if two things are included. First of all, active engagement in some activity where the person is individually invested in. In essence, she used words such as ‘excited' and ‘passionate' to describe the kind of involvement the idea seeks. Secondly, she elaborates her definition of meaningfulness in connection with ‘projects of worth.' The implication being that there are some objective truths about value. Moral and intellectual accomplishments are the ideas she places as goals for objectivity. Another view develops with some people placing value

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