McLintock (western film)(john Wayne)

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Name Teacher’s name Course Date Thematic masculinity and Sexism in Mclintock. The American Western film genre is the womanizing, Indian-hunting, gun totting tribute to all the things that were considered masculine in the conservative US media’s tradition. Centered on the perception that the Western ‘wars’ can be conquered through the utilization of a dangerous mix of saloon girls, brown liquor, and horseback riding, the film genre has utilized any stereotypical, overblown idea of the ‘ultimate man’ and utilized it in a scenario where such a ‘phenomenon’ would survive – a story that is fictional. It is for these reasons that most western films have been accused of being sexists and having an essence of thematic masculinity. John Wayne’s movie “Mclintock!” is one of these movies; the film somehow managed to convincingly support the idea of a sexist stereotypical manhood. Accordingly, the paper herein will discuss various contemporary issues with respect to thematic masculinity and sexism in John Wayne's movie ‘Mclintock' with the aim of giving insight into the issue. The romance/action/adventure movie McLintock was initially released on November 13, 1963, with a budget of two million dollars to make the film (Grant 12). The film was directed by Andrew V. McLaglen  Considering that it did pretty well at the box office with about a 14.5 million USD profit, it's not very often that the main character in a film is also the director. McLintock is a rare exception with John Wayne helping to direct the film along with director Andrew V. McLaglen (Wormser 23). James Edward Grant had a great imagination and a clear vision for this piece as the

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