McDonald’s: Half a Century of Growth15

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Name Professor Subject Date McDonalds Case Study Introduction and Background to the Case Study The objective of this report is to demonstrate how McDonald's has utilized innovative operations management strategies to support its corporate goals. Operations management is the most important function in any organization. It involves the process of implementing, overseeing, and controlling the production of goods and services. Although operations management is mainly concerned with the production process, its significance to other functions cannot be underestimated. When operations are managed well, all other process and services run smoothly. McDonald's has achieved substantial competitive advantages in the fast food industry by developing an efficient operations management process. The company’s operations management system supports its mission objectives and position as the largest food service company in the world delivering high-quality standardized products to its customers. Solutions to the Questions How has the competitive environment that McDonald’s faces changed since it was founded? Since McDonald's was established in the 1950s, the competitive landscape in the fast foods industry has changed considerably. In the 1950s, there were not many franchised fast food restaurants chains. Today, this business model is very common. Over the years, some new players have entered the market and saturated it with diverse product and service offerings (Watson 61). The industry has evolved steadily into different segments based on the type of dining, product offering and pricing. In the United States and the international market, several restaurants have

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