Matters relating to health

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QUESTION 1 As seen from the sheet, there seems to be a trend mostly in the health and education levels among the different as observed in the information. Matters relating to health vary across the various countries in the world. The delivery of health amenities is mostly determined by the economy, political and social aspects in the country. The result is right when the figures in the sheet are compared about this fact. The indicators of health levels in this data can be determined by looking at the rate of infant mortality rates, life expectancy and the percentage of the population that is exposed to Malaria infection. As seen the highest maximum life expectancy was the age of 82.93 years and the country was Japan which as seen to have a dropping rate of imports from outside by its residents from 12.62 to 12.25 which is a slight indicator of the economic growth. The education levels in this country are based on the indicators I discussed previously also show it to be an economic powerhouse. The shortest lifespan was recorded in Afghanistan, with the average life expectancy of the people in the country not being able to live after 44.30 years. The life expectancy of Afghans is seen to be even lower than the average 68.74 years. A closer look at the rate of education levels among the labor force, the average, is found to be 7.8 years in the year 2010. The minimum years of schooling that some of the workforces had were 1.2 years in Mozambique while the highest was 12.8 years in Norway. Countries with a higher level of the school level are found to be those with a relatively higher real GDP, which is among the measures for right economic level for a country. Higher years

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