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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Matching The Boys in the Lord of Flies with the Experiments in the Book Opening Skinner’s Box Opening skinner’s box is a book made of various psychological experiments that seek to explain the mental and social performance of people. The book used several experiments that psychologist in the twentieth century believed would bridge the gap between the known and the unknown in the psychological field. While some of the experiments and the theories discussed in the book focus more on behavior change, others expound on the medical aspects of psychology, as they were known in the twentieth century. The experiments have been of great use in the advancement of psychological studies because they are the basis of the twenty-first-century psychology theories. Additionally, the experiments and theories presented in the book have been quite useful in analyzing different situations in the world especially those touching on social psychology. The change in the behavior of the boys in the lord of flies after their plane crashes on the island is an ideal situation to analyze using some of the experiments discussed in opening skinner’s box (Golding 15). Although the boys try to maintain decency by setting up rules and regulations to follow while on the island, the desire to remain civilized for most of the boys fades away as time progresses. Various people will attribute the change in the boys’ behavior to various issues. However, it is clear that lack of parental guidance and mature people oversight had a great contribution to the evil acts committed by the boys. In life, people learn to differentiate the wrong things from the right ones by

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