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master/dateien/gesundheitsverhalten-und-gesundheitsforschung/7-auswirkungen-finanzieller-anreize-auf-die-verbesserung-der-gesundheit.pdf). Im Laufe der Tertiärprävention werden die Verschlechterungen und unerwünschten Folgeerscheinungen der Erkrankung verhindert bzw. hinausgezögert. Die Präventionen unterscheiden sich außerdem anhand des Verhaltens oder Verhältnisses. Die Maßnahmen, die gesundheitsförderliche Verhaltensweisen stärken, werden als Verhaltenspräventionsmaßnahmen definiert. Die finanziellen Anreize dazu sind zum Beispiel Bonusprogramme. Der finanzielle Anreiz dafür ist zum Beispiel die Tabaksteuer (Schellhorn, 2013, S.7). Die Motivationen, die Menschen entsprechend...

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master controller as every step taken has to be decided by our own minds. Our individual`s character is the thing that transforms our fates to destiny by acting accordingly (Wells, 26) To reach our full potential, people have to do and act accordingly in order to open up our creativity. Life is one long stream, and as the quote put it, there are two paths. The first which is to decide to take control of our lives and the other where we can leave every decision to fate. Therefore, every decision must be made in a way that leads us down the right paths to receive the blessing of a fulfilling life. Works Cited Wells, Samuel. Transforming Fate into Destiny: The Theological Ethics of Stanley Hauerwas....

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master. In the same way, Christians who are the followers of Christ have much respect for their Messiah and cannot see themselves greater than the master himself. By so doing, the people to be led into salvation find it easy to accept the gospel and even repent because of the humility expressed by the slaves of Christ. Concurrently, Apostle Paul clears outlines in his book of 1st Corinthians 6:20 that Christians are Christ’s slaves simply because we were bought with a price and hence there exists the owner who owns us. In so doing, Christians remain obedient and submissive to their master to gain favors from him. Therefore, it is the master's will that prevails in our actions to others who might...