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Name Professor Subject Date Admission Essay In today’s world where energy resources have become scarce, new inventions are needed to help people manage the available resources more efficiently and achieve optimal outcomes. Accordingly, research in the utilization and management of energy resources has become paramount. Encouraged by this fact, I have always had a dream of becoming part of the group that will contribute towards the development of sustainable energy solutions for the world. It is for this reason that I am looking for a chance to pursue a Master’s of Science degree in Energy Management from UT Dallas. The university has a strong reputation in offering quality, practical programs and nurturing talent in various fields. In addition, the university has vast resources and a dedicated faculty. Besides helping me to advance in my career, UT Dallas’ reputation as a research-driven institution will accord me an opportunity to make the right transition into the professional life. My immediate career goal is to become an Energy Manager in a large energy company, preferably in the oil and gas industry. UT Dallas’ cutting-edge facilities and highly structured graduate programs will help me work towards my career goal. After gaining enough experience from the industry, I intend to work as an energy consultant. In this role, I will be actively involved in helping clients to implement sustainable energy solutions for a variability of applications such as domestic and industrial use. I will also work with various research institutions and government agencies to develop cost-effective technologies and solutions for the world’s ever-growing energy

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