Master Harold and the Boys Study Questions Revised.

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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date Master Harold and the Boy Study Question Q1 Sam defines romance for Willie as a happy ending. Q2 Simply because something important took place in the past does not signify that it was something good. While discussing social reformers, (Jesus, Lincoln, Abraham, Marx, Churchill) Hally informs Sam that, “Some were significant for the world, some thought were not great men.” Q3 Hally name Charles Darwin as his man of magnitude. He implies, “Some who defeated mankind” (Lawson 97). Q4 Hally name Leo Tolstoy as his second man of magnitude. Q5 Hally clashes between the manner in which his teachers, parents and some whites around him are teaching him on the way things like race relation and segregation should be handled. For instance, with whom and how to interact with those people that are not of white nature. He treats hired workers who are of middle age as children and want them to be submissive to him (Lawson 45). However, he discovers that they detect and understand a lot of what is taking place in his own life and that of their family. Q6 Hally’s relationship with his father is a negative one. Hally’s father is an amputee, and he depends on Hally to care for him. Hally speaks to his mother on the phone saying, “I'm not disrespectful, but I’m sick and tired of emptying stinking chamber pot full of phlegm and (urine)” (Lawson 49). Hally’s father is a heavy burden to him since he is alcoholic and steals Hally’s money to spend on liquor. Q7 Willie’and Hilda Samuel’s dance partnership is suffering due to the absence of Hilda for several days in the practice.

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