Massachusetts Representatives Revised

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Name Instructor Course Date Massachusetts State Representatives State Level Governor: After serving both the state government and private sectors for several decades, Charlie Baker became the 72nd governor of Massachusetts in 2015 (Office of Governor Charlie Baker and LT. Governor Karyn Polito 1). In addition to email address, the governor can be contacted physically at his Boston, Springfield, and Washington, DC offices. Members of the public can also reach him through specific phone numbers associated with each of these offices. They can contact the Boston, Springfield, and Washington, DC offices through the numbers 617.725.4005, 413.784.1200, and 202.624.7714 respectively (Office of Governor Charlie Baker and LT. Governor Karyn Polito 1). Baker is a Republican who is committed towards the welfare of homeless families. He has been developing permanent housing alternatives for homeless families placed in motels and hotels. Lt. Governor: Since taking office as the Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, Karyn Polito has been steadfast in helping the governor improve the lives of the people of Massachusetts especially homeless families. Similar to the governor, she is a Republican and can be reached through the contacts as provided earlier (Office of Governor Charlie Baker and LT. Governor Karyn Polito 1). In an attempt to stop domestic violence and minimize the rate of sexual assault in Massachusetts, Polito has influenced the implementation of a broad range of laws to avert these issues. She has also launched working groups in five priority areas related to prevention education in learning institutions and child trafficking. House and Senate Representatives:

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