Mass Media vs Alternative Media

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Introduction Hate crimes have been one of the national concerns making both mass media and alternative media also to focus on the issue. The mass media and alternative media both have played certain roles in response to the spike in hate crimes witnessed after Trump won the recent election in America. The paper will draw comparisons and contrasts between mass media, taking the case of performance of CNN from 10/01/2016 to 11/21/2016 and sources of alternative media in order to establish whether or not the spike in hate crimes have been censored or propagandized on CNN. Mass media is the primary means of reaching or communicating to the vast majority of people. In the United States just like any other country, the general public relies on the mass media as well as alternative media to get information concerning political issues, entertainment as well as social issues. Alternative media on the other hand normally have outlets that tend to be smaller, and in several occasions are polarized toward liberal and conservative perspectives. Considering the political temperatures in the U.S. since the beginning of this year (2016) and Trump’s winning, the mass media has greatly censored the spike of hate crimes on CNN. Background Information about the Case Study Ten days after the recent election in U.S., nearly to 900 cases of intimidation and harassment have been documented at the “Southern Poverty Law Centre.” The spike in hate crimes mostly against people of color, immigrants, LGBT people and women erupts after Donald Trump promised to put a wall along the border of U.S. and Mexico during his campaign. Anti-immigrants

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