Mass Communication and the Workplace

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Subject Name Institution Mass communication can be used to achieve personal and professional goals by taking advantage of its reliability. Mass media has led to the fast disposition of messages, and it has also ensured that many people can be reached at one single time. For example, Turkey claims that TV and visual media is rising in relevance as opposed to print media (2006). Visual media can be used to reach many people at once. The workplace can take advantage of mass communication by using it to reduce costs of communication. They can use mass communication media to advertise for jobs and other opportunities and achieve a higher coverage. The media can be dispensed with in light of mass communication by ensuring steady growth of media channels towards mass media. According to Eger (2006), the media trends are changing, and this is affecting physical elements such as cities. Therefore, if the current media channels are not modified to adapt to the current developments in mass media, then they can find themselves obsolete with the rise of digital villages. According to Eger (2006), there is a shift from cyberspace to cyber place, and this change is recognized even in the workplace. Therefore, this also means that social media has impacts and effects on how people relate to the workplace. Social media can be used to distribute information on a real-time basis to colleagues and workmates. Due to its nature, social media can reduce physical interaction within the workplace because it enables people who are far apart from each other to communicate. Social media can also lead to lower output in the workplace because the managers are not only required to

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