Marxist Theory and Value

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 Marxist Theory and Value Name: Institution Affiliation: Introduction Karl Marx’s theory supports that the modern capitalism advocates for more profits forcing more labor on individuals. In the same line of thought, the journal on the “Cities in a World Economy” indicates that the global growth in the world has led to the emergence of strong states of China, Brazil, India and many others. People indulge in all forms of labor to survive in the current harsh economic conditions. In the process of trying to fit in, a challenge for financial crisis arises. The article “Journal of World-Systems Research” provides a guide for solutions by using the transnational alternative policy groups. The groups are the major solutions to dealing with this global capitalism. The information from the three articles causes room for more discussions in an efforts to understand the needs and wants advocated in the new market. Summary of Articles From Karl Max, theory value is one of the recognized terms in the language of business. The value theory is explained in the line of the capitalist and the employees. Marx believes that the features of capitalism are the gap between the owners of production and the people who produce the products. The theory analysis that the surplus value is the value offered by workers in from of labor. The value of the labor-power, on the other hand, is the time spent by employees while working. The two values finally form a structure that leads to either profits or losses (Ilegbinosa, 2012). The study in capitalism is thus the success in the production process determined by its efforts to produce surplus value. The second article journal of

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