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CHARACTERISTICS OF BIBLICAL MARRIAGE Name of Student Subject, Class Date of Submission Biblical Marriages For Christians, Bible is the ultimate constitution of marriages, and they base their indulgence in marriage to it. A Biblical or Godly marriage strives in the following characteristics – communication, authority, adaptability, and commitment. The latter, according to Christians, is the foundation on which the union between couples grows. The Bible holds that Christian couples are to stick to their marriages, stressing the need for commitment. Apostle Paul, through 1 Corinthians 1: 11, states that "I give these instructions to the married, not myself, but the Almighty God, that the wife should never run away from her husband. If she does, she must not remarry, unless she reconciles with the husband. Similarly, no husband should ask his wife to leave." In other words, the married husbands and wives must stay marriage (committed to their marriages). Another quality of a biblical marriage is communication, and Christian couples need it to strengthen the bond between them. Effective communication starts with the discovery of transparency, which the Bible covers in the first book. Genesis 2:25 states that "both man and wife did not have clothes on them and did not feel ashamed.” At the start, Adam and Eve did not have any covering or disguise, and just as they stayed physically uncovered, they did cover up their emotions. In other words, they communicated with transparency, being open to themselves and unafraid of being rejected by the one another CITATION Gre14 l 1033 (Brown 2014 ). However, things changed after their fall. Genesis 3:7 holds that "They

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