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based on a 2000 calorie intake. Day one Calcium intake is 623.8 mg which is low for the recommended 1000 mg for 2000 calories and especially low for 4257 total calorie intake. Copper is at 2.1 which is half the required amount for 4000 kcal. Iron is 44.0 mg, Magnesium at 350.5 mg, Manganese at 8.2 mg, Phosphorus at 882.6 mg which is not half of the required amount of calories above 4000. Potassium is at 2045.3 mg while the required amount is 3500 mg per 2000 calories. Selenium is at 57.1 and zinc at 15.0 mg. Sodium is at 5395.8 mg which is not bad for a calorie intake above 4000. The total protein intake on day one is 109.1 g. The DRI recommendation for daily protein intake of an average man and...

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and achieve quality outcomes (Fisher, 1999). The image below is an illustration of the four stages. The first stage is forming, which occurs with the meeting between the members of the team. Introductions normally take place at this stage, sharing information on interests, backgrounds and experiences. The second stage is storming, where ideas are floated and a great deal of competition for their acceptance occurs. Basically, opinions differ in terms of what must be done by the team to achieve its objectives. Norming is the third stage which entails the start of proper working of the team. They have accepted to work together and their focus is no longer on the opinions of the members but working...