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Name Instructor Course Date Marketing Marketing has evolved significantly over the past years due to the dynamism in tastes and preferences of consumers. Technological advancement has led to new ways of production hence brought competition among buyers and sellers. Promotion targets to create value for consumers’. Value is created when the good or service meets the needs of a customer. The impact of marketing on a consumer involves the creation of awareness of a product which will, in turn, lead to brand loyalty and increased sales for the corporation. Given the rise in competition in the business market, advertising is considered to be one of the ways that a firm can attain a competitive edge. Through sales promotion, lasting relationships between buyers and the sellers are established and the firm earns the purchasers’ constancy. Client allegiance is important as an indirect marketing tool in the form of referrals and repeats clients. Alongside sales, publicizing is thus an essential segment of the business that identity’s a gap in the satisfaction of customers’ needs and seeks for ways to effectively meet those needs better than competing practices can. While conducting marketing, firms are required to be on the lookout for changes in political, economic, social, legal, and competition environments. Customer importance can never be emphasized enough. Forming the backbone of any business, firms should endeavor to formulate marketing strategies that are client based. Buyers changing the sense of taste and likings greatly affect the direction in which promotion of merchandise will take. Tastes are determined by surrounding factors such as social

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