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There exist numerous marketing tools with the ever-changing technological world. Getting the appropriate tool for marketing a small business can prove to be a challenge. Among the best marketing tools is advocacy marketing and influencer marketing. Advocacy marketing revolves about gamifying the employee as well as the customer advocacy targets and initiatives. Another trending marketing tool in the current age is the usage of analytics as well as attribution. More and more content is produced by the day and marketers have become flooded with an overwhelming amount of information to pay great attention to. This method of marketing ensures a simpler form of dealing with all data found in the contents of a given product. Thirdly, collaboration is another tool in marketing whereby a given marketing team uses a variety of tools that play a significant part in the creation and development of ideas that can be shared. For instance, slack platforms are commonly used for the sole purposes of interoffice and external office communication. The creation, as well as syndication of product content, is yet another tool used in marketing. The distinction of brands plays a major role in spreading new information to audiences and at the same time can drive a load of traffic to market websites. Domestic and global markets have quite a variety of characteristics in common but the factor that differentiate the two is the target population. Domestic markets come about whenever a form of product commercialization is limited to a given country. Therefore, domestic sales require that companies are well established regarding channels as well as the positioning of a given brand. On the other

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