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Name Instructor's name Course Date New product. What is a brand name?  What guidelines should be followed as companies decide what brand names to use? The brand name is a unique name that identifies a specific product or the manufacturer. To effectively promote a product a strong reputation need to be established, a brand name is close to individual personality. With a good personality, you are attractive hence therefore in a brand name should convey what is done in your organization the nature of services and capture the buyers' attention. While coming up with a brand name the companies should be creative distinctively to bring out relevance to the consumer. Thus there basics for effective company branding .First, there is need to strategize the role of your company. Ensure the brand name is related to the company core values and guiding principles. Then come up with an image that is distinct from the rest so much research is required. Ensure that all messages through the media and advert are memorable by ensuring consistency in voice, colours and logos. This ensures lack of resemblance which can bring confusion to the customers. For what reasons do companies develop new products?  What should be included in a company’s philosophy about new products? Product development involves the conversion of intangible assets to tangible, creation of wealth as well as coming up with a solution to the market gap. In most cases, companies coming up with new products show their continuity and progressive existence.New products are a sign of company life. When there is no product development there are high chances the company is vanishing, this transits the companies

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