Marketing Research Report

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Marketing Research Report Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission Abstract Consumer Electronics Company intends to enter into a new product line. The company wants to maximize the level of profits. The company has also seen a high potential in the target market since these areas are not tapped enough. The product will be known as Kid Smart tablet. This product aims at reaching children from age 1-9 years. This target market will be in a position to learn on how to operate the gadget and also enjoy music, games and other services provided. The different characteristics of the target market need to be considered so as to come up with a marketing strategy that will be effective in the market. The marketing research will utilize foe methods that are effective. These methods are personal interviews, surveys, field trials, observation, and use of focus groups. These methods will be seeking questions regarding market characteristics which are demographic, behavioral, geographic, and psychographic. Finally, seven steps will be adhered to from idea generation to commercialization of the new product. Consumer Electronics Company intends to launch a new line of products. This strategy will be important in ensuring that the company maximizes returns since income will be realized from a broad range of products. This company has decided to create a tablet that is meant to serve children between 1-9 years. This target market will be attracted by this tablet as it will help them play games, access movies, cartoons and songs that they like. Children like to learn a lot since it helps them to grow. They are curious, and they want to

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