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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Marketing Plan Industry Analysis There G6 app has a lot of potential considering that its users are youths. They comprise the largest and most active part of mobile app users. More so, this app provides a service that is not on the market. Therefore, of the users find it useful enough, then its potential for growth will be enormous. The youths and generation z are always on the lookout for information. Therefore, if they are provided with the educational services that they need. Similarly, with the precise nature of services rendered by the G6 Company puts it at an advantage. Before other apps are created for similar services, this firm may have acquired a lot of benefits from the sale of its app. Similarly, this Company would be in a better position to change the dynamics of its market niche as time passes. As it is, the growth of the G6 app depends on its ability to gather as much information about its market. That would be important in the determination of the benefits and challenges of its market niche. With that, it would be easy to determine the areas with the highest potential for growth. More so, it would be possible to comfortably provide what the consumers would want to ensure that they are satisfied. On that note, there is potential for the increase in the size of the G6 app. The education industry is developing, and with its entry, it is bound to enjoy the absence of serious competition and a large number of consumers waiting for the services. Marketing Program Product Strategy The mobile app business is dynamic, and therefore new products should have a competitive edge to survive the current competition.

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