Marketing for Managers

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Q1.Week 1: discussion forum: 1.3 The aim of any business set up is to make a profit. The profit realized in a business system, for example, is directly proportional to the number of customers. In this case, the more the number of customers that a company has the higher the profit realized by that particular company (Herschel 2012, p. 178). Therefore, many companies are now adopting customer-focused business to maximize profit. This will help such companies to survive in a competitive market. Therefore, building a customer-focused culture in a Company would give it an added advantage over other companies which have not yet adopted the culture. My interaction with many companies that have a strong customer orientation like Sweetwater Company was essential for the growth of my Company (Samson, & Bevington 2012). I had identified several elements that need to be adopted in order for me to build a strong commitment to customer service in my Company. These elements include careful hiring of expertise that would help in giving ideas towards manufacturing products in relation to market demand. The Company hired to implement this culture should have a clear record of building a customer-focused culture. In addition, I would take new employees through a thorough training before they can be allowed to work with the customers. Besides, there should be a proper communication channel within the Company to ensure that the Company’s culture and its commitment towards customers’ satisfaction are adhered to (Kincaid, 2003, p. 89). Furthermore, I would also reward dedicated employees to motivate them. This would make them prioritize the welfare of the Company thereby, increasing

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