Marketing for Healthcare

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Marketing for Healthcare Name of the Student Professor’s Name Healthcare Marketing: Organizational Aspect Private industries and businesses operating in free market competition have developed a strategy of building a bond with their prospective clients. This is the underpinning principle of marketing. Hence, marketing refers to the representation and promotion of services and/or products in such a manner so as to overcome competition. On the other hand, another role of marketing is to create and expand the need for different services and products. The healthcare industry is an important segment for ensuring safe and quality healthcare for patients. Like any other private or public industry healthcare organizations have to ensure profitability for meeting their operating costs. Hence, marketing plays a significant and pervasive role for the healthcare industry. There is a difference between the marketing approaches of a service-based organization and manufacturing-based organization (Lovelock & Wirtz, 2011). The products or services in a service-based organization are often intangible. Hence, it is often difficult to measure productivity in a service-based organization. Healthcare industry is a service-based entity which thrives on the relationship between healthcare providers and healthcare consumers. Hence, the primary role of any healthcare organization is to assure patients regarding the quality of care. Therefore, marketing in healthcare have become production-oriented (Lovelock & Wirtz, 2011). Healthcare organizations are implementing marketing initiatives based on quality, accessibility and reliability of their healthcare services.

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