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Market Domain Overview: Driverless Transportation-for-Hire in UberStudent’s Name University Market Domain Overview: Driverless Transportation-for-Hire in UberWhile Uber’s driverless transportation-for-hire as a market domain is predicted to be commercially available in the early 2020s, they will initially be costly, mounting thousands of dollars in costs per annum for additional machinery, maintenance, equipment, and advanced mapping services (Thekdi & Joshi, 2016). The operational constraints of these vehicles will result in access anxiety, i.e., fear of not able to reach expected endpoints. Given the encounter with past car technologies like automatic airbags and transmissions, attaining affordable and reliable driverless transportation-for-hire business will possibly take up to 30 years. Several factors, both inhibiting and enabling factors can contribute to the dissolution or obsolescence of notable companies in the driverless transportation-for-hire business. Nevertheless, these factors can offer an opportunity for change and innovation to advance in this market domain. Inhibiting Factors The first factor that can contribute to the obsolescence of companies in this market domain is the technical element. Many technical concerns should be handled before driverless vehicle transportation for hire hit the roads and markets. One of the issues is safety. Driverless vehicles can misread harmless pools of water as dips and reduce speed unnecessarily. Similarly, most of the self-driving vehicles are baffled by bad weather. Heavy rainfall can affect its sensors, and snow makes it challenging for cars to read road lanes. Errors made by Google Maps can also

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