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My name is Marcus Tullius Tiro. I am now a free man, and I have been released by my master who is Cicero. I have been excellent in performing my roles, and my master has chosen to release me. The tasks that I have been performing for my master are managing my master's table, taking dictation, and deciphering my masters' handwriting. Other roles that I have been attending to include financial affairs and the garden belonging to my master. My master has freed me because of my health concerns, and I have chosen to accompany him to Sicilia where he is a governor. As a freedman, I have been observing what the other slaves are going through, and it is quite frightening. These slaves are being subjected to forced labor, beating, and other actions that are not humane at all. My master has been gentle with me over the years I have served him. The other masters who own other slaves are cruel in the manner in which they treat them. Further, they have increased their level of brutality to the slave forcing them to work for long hours without having to take breaks to eat or associate with others. These actions of other masters to their slave is disheartening, and it is making me question the reason as to why they are being treated as fewer humans. The slaves who are working for different masters are being treated as properties rather than human. I do find it difficult to comprehend the reason as to why their masters address them with such cruelty. Masters have been exercising their full control over the slaves. In fact, some of the slaves are being sold, others are being rented as property, and others are being murdered by their master for no apparent reasons. I am sorrowful, and I

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