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Management Businesses in the world today have become very competitive, and only those companies which do a proper research can survive. There are several business gaps in the market and of interest is to conduct research on which is the best managerial style. These research will help managers to be able to know which is the best leadership style they can use for them to be able to operate a business efficiently. In any given organization, managers have different responsibilities, for instance; they are expected to come up with policies that regulate the business so as it can minimize expenses and maximize profits. Managers are also in charge of organization employees, and the way they handle them will determine whether the company will make profit or loss. Different styles of management will be essential for managers to deal with various situations the optimal manner. Leadership style may influence the business either positively or negatively. Thus the choice of the management style is crucial in that it will help managers to steer business to the next level. There are various management methods are depending on the degree of relationship between the manager and the subordinate staff. In Autocratic leadership style, the manager does not in any way involve the subordinate in decision making. The decision that is done by the manager reflects an opinion. Democratic style is the type of leadership whereby the managers involve subordinate in the decision making of the organization. In paternalist management style, the managers make a decision, and the subordinate is supposed to implement it without any asking any question. Lastly, it is Laissez-faire style whereby the manager

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