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THEORY OF SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT AND THE MODERN ORGANIZATION By (Name) Course name Professor’s name Name of Institution City and State where it is located The Date THEORY OF SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT AND THE MODERN ORGANIZATION Scientific management, as proposed by Frederick Taylor, refers to the analysis of workflow in an attempt to improve labor and productivity efficiency. It is important to ensure that employees employ workable techniques so as to accrue substantial profits. In developing scientific management, Taylor changed some existent practices in the industries. There was also an integration of diversity where unskilled labor was prevalent in various organizations. Taylor ensured that employees delivered higher outputs within a short duration of time. Amidst its weaknesses, scientific management delineates strengths that perpetuate its significance in modern organizational design. Before exploring scientific management as an essential theory in organizations, it is important to understand its scope and tenets. It exhibits both advantages and drawbacks which should be embraced by managerial staff to ensure efficiency in their businesses. According to Khurana (2009) p.3, the varied dysfunctional ties in the workplace may be rectified by employing Taylor’s concept of scientific management. In addition to improving productivity, this theory delves into the structures, systems and policies of a given organization (Khurana, 2009, p.3-4). Employing scientific management, as detailed by Peter Drucker, a Management Professor, there are possibilities of a business achieving its goals through lower costs of products. When such policies are implemented,

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