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Management of Special Cargo Student Name Institution Introduction Dangerous goods are items which contain hazardous properties; hence, if they are not handled with care, they may present a present some level of risk to human health and safety. Aside from that, dangerous goods may also pose some risk to property and the environment. Dangerous goods are classified into nine categories including flammable goods, gases, radioactive material, and miscellaneously dangerous items. These dangerous goods require specialized handling in the aircraft so that they do not harm passengers aboard or the immediate environment as the aircraft travels (Cheng et al., 2006). The Civil Aviation Safety Authority provides regulations and the standard code of practice that guides air transport providers in the handling and packaging of special cargo. In this paper, I will discuss the handling, code regulations, and aircraft considerations for human remains (blood samples), oxidizing substances, and corrosive goods. Human Remains (Blood Samples) Biological samples are described to be dangerous if they infectious pathogens that may attack humans or animals. Biological specimens are classified as stated in the UN’s air transport regulation manual. When transporting biological specimens, one should first identify the UN class corresponding to the specimen. The specimen is then categorized in either category A, B, C or exempt. As per IATA regulations, all specimens are packed in triple packaging. The packaged specimen is correctly documented and labelled to identify it as infectious or exempt as well as its quantity. If the biological sample has an overpack container, then, all the

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