Management of Interpersonal Relationships

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An interpersonal relationship is the association that exists between two or more people who have common goals, values, and interests. These relationships develop over time as people interact through social media platforms or one on one. These relationships are paramount in our day-to-day lives as they fulfill our social need to belong. We have three types of interpersonal relationships that range from acquaintances, friends, and intimates. When we first meet a person we endeavor to discover if any common characteristic exists between us and availability of it leads to us been acquaintances, a situation in which our conversations are minimal and impersonal. With time, our relationship with some of the acquaintances develops to more personal association leading to them been our friends. If the bond continuous to grow we eventually move from been friends to been intimates, a relationship that can either take the form of platonic intimates where we are not sexually attracted to each other or romantic partners where sexual attraction exists. The process of forming an interpersonal relationship is composed of three stages, which involve coming together, maintaining the relationship, and separation that results when the people involved are unable to work towards the success of their union. Owing to the many challenges faced by these associations such as the indifferences associated with whether to open up or keep silent, whether to maintain independence or connect with our partners among others. Factors such as the ability to major on the similarities that exist between our partners and us, respect the differences and be ready to spend time together as well as selflessness go a

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