Management Challenges of Private Healthcare Managers in Ethical Decision Making

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Management Challenges of Private Healthcare Managers in Ethical Decision Making 4.1 Introduction Decision making is a core function of management. It is the process of evaluating alternatives to lower uncertainties about attaining the desired result with the best impact on the institution. Timelines, money-value interpretations, considerations of methodologies, social values’ explications and accountability to reason are some of the key issues that affect decision making. The review of the organizational and social elements of context is key to the optimization of the decision-making process. The thought process of the managers includes tactics, vision, due diligence, strategy, and the need to manage possible risks. The ethical dimensions of the process include respect for diverging views, trust, and integrity, the effect of policies, democracy, respect to the public sendee, and conviction to do the morally correct thing. Healthcare managers have to go through this process almost every day. While in the act, they often face dilemmas or challenges that make it difficult for them to arrive at sound ethical decisions. Being ready for these difficulties is the reason why decision making and moral leadership are desirable traits in healthcare management, especially in the private health sector where money or profits are the primary goals of the process. Both of these skills are essential for managers in the private healthcare sector to navigate the changing health sector. The previous chapters of the study were dedicated to determining the management challenges that healthcare administrators in the private sector face and evaluating the possibility of coming up with a

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