Management Challenges of Private Healthcare Managers in Ethical Decision Making

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Management Challenges of Private Healthcare Managers in Ethical Decision Making 3.1 Introduction Due to the increasing number of scandals in the corporate scene, the interests of scholars and practitioners in business ethics has grown (O’Fallon and Butterfield 375). Initially, the mainstream journals used to publish just a few articles on the story; however, recently, the topic has managed to become a standalone topic and journals dedicated specifically to the topic like the Business Ethics Quarterly and the Journal of Business Ethics have emerged. Despite the fact that journals devoted to the topic have only recently emerged, the area of ethical decision making is not a new field of study in business. Many scholars, by the 1960s and 70s, had already written scholarly articles on the topic (Detert, Treviño, and Sweitzer 374). Some of these researchers were Raymond Baumhart who talked about teaching and researching on business ethics, and Bohr and Kaplan who looked into the reasons behind the protests of healthcare workers (Detert, Treviño, and Sweitzer 374). The latter concluded that the main reason behind the protests was a complex issue with ethical decision making. After the publications by these three scholars, more and more studies have been done and published in the same area. Some of the studies just gave an extensive description ethical decision making while others emphasized on how to implement things like moral codes within the settings of various organizations. This section of the research gives a description of some of the methods that were used to highlight and prove the nature of the some of the challenges that private healthcare managers face in

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