Management challenges of private healthcare managers in ethical decision making

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Ethical decision making is an ongoing subject that many people keep debating and researching about in the health sector. Managers in the healthcare setting always have to make important decisions every day, whether clinical or non-clinical in nature. In healthcare, these decisions could get complicated as many factors are linked to ethical decision making when patient care is involved. Private healthcare managers are presently under the pressure of making decisions that are not just ethical in terms of given to the patients, but also reasonable in terms of the operational and budgetary needs of the business. The quick evolution of profit-oriented healthcare delivery over the last few years poses serious questions for any person interested in the ethics of provision of health services. The growth of for-profit chains of hospitals, dialysis centers, and other health delivery framework that link health care to profit making raises critical legal, sociological, administrative, political, and economic issues. Aside from all these problems, it poses a challenge to some of the most significant ethical presumptions of both the healthcare and the business communities. Professional healthcare and business have always had an ambivalent relationship. In the United States, just like in many other parts of the world, there has never been any outright condemnation from organized medicine directed towards the profit-making context of the medical practice. Nonetheless, organized medicine has grown nervous over the years about the pestiferous stain of commercialization and its ability to restrain unscrupulous practitioners. This section critically reviews the literature that was used to

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