Management at the Walgreen

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Management at the Walgreen Walgreen is a company that specializes in the provision of health care services. The company has changed its management style various times since its inception. The company changed its command and control approach to leadership to ensure that employees become more productive than before. It also changed its field and frontline leadership style. The senior management has had a critical in the change process. They have made critical decisions, offered support and compensated employees in the proper manner. The management has decided to increase the number of vendors so as to reduce costs and increase supplies. The spokespersons have been employed to deal with issues in the diversified countries that the country operates. Implementation of an innovative idea at the Walgreen Company will make a positive impact on both the employees and the customers. The idea will be a creation of an interactive site whereby all stakeholders can share ideas. Additionally, several structures that have been established in the company have to ensure that the implementation of a change process has become a success. Open communication plays a significant role in ensuring that the implementation process is a success. Walgreen is a company that deals with health and wellness products, health information, prescriptions as well as photo services. The company was established in 1907 by Charles Walgreen. It is the second largest drugstore chain in the United States. There are several key changes that have taken place in the company’s management style since its inception to current day. The company initial management style was the command and control approach. This approach

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