Management Analysis Paper

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Management Analysis Paper Task: Differentiate between workforce management and strategic human resource management It is inevitable to ignore the fact that the evolution of technology has transformed the modern-day workplace. As such, subsequent elements about management have also proportionally changed to fit the current competitive environment. As a way to make sure that they have the edge over others, most organizations have adopted strategic maneuvers that adhere to quality management. Quality is the second aspect that follows innovation. For a new firm, delivering unique products that embrace outstanding quality fosters substantial growth. However, to establish the much-required quality, appropriate human resource management (HRM) tactics are required. The core value of HRM is manifested in its ability to find the right people who can meet organizational targets. Guided by the fact that adherence to quality by production companies has been around for more than 100 years, the agenda is to strike a difference between traditional HRM and modern-day strategic HRM as applied by entities to maintain high-quality assurance. Workforce Management (Traditional HRM) Workforce management is defined by two fundamental aspects, recruiting and training. In an explorative study by Wei and Wang (2012), traditional HRM is much invested in an organization finding the right people as determined by the available positions and equipping them through orientation (training) to fit position requirements. Studies concerning workforce management show that the human capital is only limited to factors such educational qualification, skill base, and work experience (Iles, Chuai & Preece,

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