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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Management Strategy and Planning Strategy and planning are two twin concepts. While these two are not synonymous, they imply the process that can be taken by Marks and Spencer to look into the future and identify trends, as well as issues against which they align the organizational priorities for the organization. Within the organization and stores, it implies the process of alignment of units, teams, sections or even functions to higher level strategies. For Marks and Spencer, it appears that their approach is all about attaining the organizational goal most efficiently and effectively. Moreover, the plan is all about meeting the mission in a comparatively better manner compared to other companies (which is essentially competition). The information transmitted from the case study is that strategic planning entails the process involved in understanding the consumer challenges, issues, and trends. This planning also consists of getting familiar with stakeholders identified as clients and their needs and determining the most efficient and effective way of meeting their needs (Roney 58). From the onset, it is crucial to hold a premise that a good strategy translates to focus, which in turn leads to accountability and results. Each store carries the strategic plans developed by the company, which act as a guide towards the delivery of the business objective and in directing the streams of work at the organization. Sub-entities of Marks and Spencer seem to have been given the leeway to create compatible strategies which depend on the magnitude and the operational focus. Smaller teams within the stores may

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