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mangelnden Bewegung und zu den Rückenschmerzen. In diesem Zusammenhang stellen sich mehrere Fragen. Welche Motivationen haben die Menschen, um gesundheitsfördernde Maßnahmen zu unternehmen? Wie kommen einige Personen zu der Schlussentscheidung, das Verhalten zu ändern und welche Ziele werden gesetzt? Was bewegt den Menschen, ihre Intentionen erfolgreich ins Gesundheitsverhalten umzusetzen und dieses beizubehalten? Besonders determiniert ist die Rolle des einzelnen Individuums. Seine Eigenverantwortung ist stark gefordert. Gleichzeitig wird die Bedeutung des gesellschaftlichen Umfelds für die Gesundheit des Menschen von vielen Studien betont (Brandstetter, 2010, S.5). Als Beispiele dienen...

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many factors including activities. Carbohydrates are largely the source of body energy, producing 4 calories per gram. The recommended calorie intake in form of carbohydrate is at least 130 grams per day which should constitute about 65 percent of the entire calorie intake (Coleman, 2). Day one’s carbohydrate intake was 605.1 g, broken down into the fibre at 31g, sugars at 295.1, starch at 98.9 and net carbs at 573.4 g. Fat is considered bad or unhealthy but the fact is, if taken in the precise amounts it is very healthy and important to the body, for instance helping with cell walls and protection of the heart and other vital organs. The intake of fats was 134.4 g of the total 4257 kcal. The...

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manage to show that they do not find traveling entertaining because it has an aspect of unpredictability. Dickinson writes, “We slowly drove – He knew no haste, And I had put away, My labor and my leisure too, For His Civility” She is describing Death. The statement is ironical because everyone knows that death is a bad thing because it hurts people (Brueckner and Fischer 214). As such, it lacks civility. Morris writes, “The young man, when the flight is called, is blowing his nose to clear the sadness of departure. The girl who’s leaving looks Composed.” This statement is ironical because women tend to be more emotional than men are, and as such, one would expect the man to be composed...

man called Bright Whose pace was much faster than light He went out one day In a virtual and relative way And came back on a preceding night This poem has an aabba rhyme scheme which means that the poem uses five lines with an “AABBA” rhyme scheme and explicit with funny and entertaining content. The poem visibly shows its anticipated audiences as well as the bawdiness and has amusing storytelling and straightforwardness of form. In essence, the poem is meant to be a lesson and carries a message to its audience. The audience, in this case, is mainly the young age group who are yet to figure out their destiny. The poem talks about a young man who tries to run away from his destiny and finds...

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