Man-Land Tradition

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Man-Land Tradition The Man-Land geographical tradition involves the relations between human societies and natural environments. The theory entails human influence on nature, and nature’s effect on people, environmental perception, natural hazards, environmentalism, political, cultural, and population geography. This work involves the use of three articles including Effects of Changing the Carbon Cycle by Earth Observatory, Tropical Deforestation by Rebecca Lindsey and Robert Simmon. The third article is How Much More will the Earth Warm by Earth Observatory. 1. Effects of Changing the Carbon Cycle There is too much carbon production in the modern world that significantly harms the atmosphere. While oceans and land plants have already consumed about 55 percent of the excess carbon produced by humans, Earth Observatory indicates that the remaining 45 percent is bound to remain in the atmosphere for thousands of years to come (n.p). Although surplus carbon helps more plants grow on the land, its effect on marine life is severe as it makes water bodies excessively acidic. This article explains the man-land tradition that indeed humans impact the land and atmosphere in that carbon emission is affecting the environment. Also, the excess heat resulting from high evaporation rates causes fierce heat in the air which consequently affect human and land life. 2. Tropical Deforestation Deforestation is a considerable environmental hazard posed by people throughout the world. Despite the fact that deforestation meets various human requirements such as the development of road, homes, urbanization, and fuel, the act has severe consequences to the environment. The effects are

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