Mammoth Cave National Park.

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Your name Teacher’s name Class Date The Mammoth Caves National Park The Mammoth Cave derives its name from its sheer magnitude rather than from any association to wooly mammoths. Stretching to an excess of 400km, the complex network connections of tunnels in the cave accumulate to a form that is longer than the second and third largest cave systems in the world combined. The cave is not entirely explored, and there is no particular information of how long the caves might be. 400km length represents the amount of distance that has been covered from various entrances. There are 30 openings leading into the caves of which seven are naturally existent while the others are human-made or naturally occurring but modifies for ease of access. It is, therefore, a wondrous feature that is a major tourist attraction site for the South Kentucky where it is situated. The geological formation of the area forms a karst scenery. The area around the caves is characterized by limestone earth crust. In karst scenery, the soluble limestone dissolves to live behind resistant rocks as protruding sharp stretches in natural sinkholes. The process of karst formation occurs over a period of millions of years, and this region has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. ("What Are Some Of The Geological Features In Mammoth Cave?" 1) Limestone, the major rock making up the crust in this area is quickly dissolved in natural water. The area is capped by sandstone. The sandstone is insoluble and thus prevents the crumbling of the caves. Most of the limestone in the area is still concentrated on with the natural water that continues weathering it slowly by slowly, and this is probably

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