Male and Female Reproductive strategies among primates, and how do they compare to human?

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Male and female reproductive strategies in primates and their comparison to humans Name Tutor Institution Affiliations Date Male and Female Reproductive strategies among primates and their comparison to humans Introduction The male and female primates have different reproductive strategies. The females approaches are similar in all the species while those of males differ according to the species that they belong (Bercovith, 1991). Female primates invest in their offspring in terms of time and energy. They provide food for the infant even if it means competing with other females until the infant can look after itself. At this point, the female majors on getting another offspring. However, the number of offspring that she will get is limited by the gestation and lactating periods (Winkler, 1988). Males do not major in taking care of the infant but may protect it from predators to some extent. The number of babies they can have is unlimited since they can mate with as many females as they want. Food determines the reproductive success of females since it affects its birth rate and infant survival (Masters, 1983). The effort invested in mating determines the reproductive success of male primates. Human female reproductive success is as well dependent on nutrition since it determines the success of the gestation period and the survival of the infant. Women as well invest more in their offspring just like primates while men perform this responsibility to a lower extent (Abbott, 1987)The choice of mate and the number of mating in humans is shaped by learned characteristics and the complexity of their thought. This paper explains the different reproductive strategies

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