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Healthy and Unhealthy Self-love Name: Institution: Abstract Narcissism is a disorder that is only predictable at an advanced stage. Self-love can either be healthy or unhealthy. Unhealthy narcissism causes one to be immune to the feelings of others instigating pain and creating havoc in the society to get what one wants. Healthy narcissism, on the other hand, is important acting as a motivation for one to attain personal growth. The rate of narcissist cases has been on the rise over the past years with a 30% increase since 1980 (Brooks, 2016). The young people are considered to be most affected owing to the presence of social media platforms such as Instagram which prompts the need for a person to be recognized and accepted by their peers. Full blown narcissism affects relationships, promotes evil, and disregard the moral values of humanity. There is thus a need to find lasting solutions to solving the problem before self-centeredness characterizes the society. Healthy and Unhealthy Self-love The article addresses self-love (narcissism) breaking it down into healthy and unhealthy self-centeredness. While self-love is important for the growth of an individual, excess of it has detrimental effects on affected persons and those around them. A step by step practice is provided to identify excessive narcissism. An individual lacking self-love is likely to suffer from esteem issues. A given amount of self-interest is thus necessary to act as a drive towards achieving success. I, therefore, agree with the author’s opinion that full blown narcissists create havoc and misery to those around them. A high degree of self-importance can only be earned at the expense

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