Magazine Summary: The 10-Second Take

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The magazine discusses the issues related to knowing the personality of a person after taking a short glance at the person. It argues that such personalities may be correct except when it comes to identifying love characters. When a person first sees another individual, the impressions he or she makes in regards to the personalities of the person, including intelligence, are accurate. The first few words said after two people have met are enough to know the basic characters of a person. However, to understand the complex personalities of the person and prove whether the first impressions are accurate or not, a conversion of 15 minutes is required. The author confirms that the first impressions show the traits, such as extraversion, openness, neuroticism, conscientiousness, and agreeableness. Even the judges can know these five traits and negative and positive impacts of the individuals after just the first five seconds. Conversely, when it comes to love and searching for mates, the first impression does not have equal power as it is in the other traits. These impressions count less for love than people think. Attractive individuals may, in fact, associate together. However, it has been determined that the longer couples understand each other before becoming romantically engaged, the fewer visible features they share. As such, the first impressions people make when they meet a partner may disappear. When two persons take enough time to know each other, they come to understand and acknowledge the unique qualities of each other. As a result, the desired characteristics develop an attraction over some time. This proves the fact that the first impression does not count when

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