Machine Essay Examples

Machine 1 Machine 2 Machine 3 Machine 4 Total w 10x70=700 15x70=1050 10x70=700 5 x 70= 350 2800 x 5x60=300 10x60=600 15x60=900 10x60=600 2400 y 20x50=100 10x50=500 10x50=500 5x50=250 1350 z 15x30=450 5x30=150 5x30=150 10x30=300 1000 W and y is the optimal product mix because they produce the larger amount of products based on time completion.B Using the bottleneck method, the fixture that displays the greatest output is W because the time the machines are available is 40 hours(2400 minutes) and it is the highest productivity that exceeds this time. L Material Cost 2800, 2400, 1350, 1000 Contribution 70w 60x 90y 100 Question 4 2000 x.05 =100x(15-4=11)-1...

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