Macbeth (Shakespeare, 1606) – Appendix B in Journey into Literature

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What Makes Macbeth Tick? : An Analysis of Shakespeare’s character Macbeth What Makes Macbeth Tick? : An Analysis of Shakespeare’s character Macbeth Casting a second glance at the things people do gives an interesting fact about them. The investigation of the facts that motivate individuals towards a particular trend helps us not only to understand the specific person in question but the entire humanity. Observing and analyzing a fictitious character pattern then, can help us determine how to navigate relationships and redeem otherwise unredeemable characteristics within ourselves and our friends. This is the reason why prompt ‘1’ is fascinating to me. My research will review the real essence of the character of Macbeth in Shakespeare’s ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth.’ It is easy to condemn Macbeth as a naturally cruel man who does things that most people would not dream about. However, in-depth insight into the text reveals that he is intrinsically not a violent individual. Macbeth is purely a man who succumbs to the greed for power, ambition, and love for his wife that he forgets his moral obligation towards hid friends and his countrymen and therefore commits despicable atrocities as a king. The key idea to explore in this research is the contrasting characterization of Macbeth before the message by the witches, his wife’s motivation and his attitude as a king. In the opening pages of the text, Macbeth is a noble gentleman. He has won a battle for his country against Ireland and Norway. (Shakespeare & Crowther, 2003) Despite the enormous success, he is neither proud nor anxious and comes home quietly with Banquo. Ironically, Macbeth rises to the

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