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Administrative Controls of a Nuclear Plant Name Institution Administrative Controls on Operations of a Nuclear Plant. Administrative controls are the set of rules and regulations regarding the operations of an organization for proper and safe functioning (USNRC, 2012). Like any other organization, a nuclear plant has a clear organizational structure that ensures proper daily operations towards achieving its aims as indicated in section six of the technical specifications of a power plant. To that effect, all the station personnel from the highest management level to the lowest operating level have their roles, responsibilities and lines of communication clearly established, defined and outlined on an organizational chart. The Plant Manager is responsible for overall safe operations of the power plant and its maintenance. He/she indicates in writing the individual to take up duties in his/her absence. Health physicists, quality assurance personnel and individuals training the operating staff should be allowed to work independently without pressures and only report to the onsite manager if necessary to enable them to deliver quality services. Administrative Controls on Safety of the Staff at a Nuclear Plant For safety purposes, at least one licensed senior reactor operator should always be in the control room to oversee crucial adjustments and at least one licensed reactor operator in the room when fuel is in the reactor. The staff should meet the required qualifications and hold licenses from the relevant authority for their operations. The nuclear plant is licensed to notify workers of the

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