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M7D1 Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Technical specifications are a set of documented standards and requirements which a product and the production process must meet. The documented details form the basis for performance and product evaluation. In a nuclear generating station the facility operating license document provides a set of guidelines and rules that the plant must adhere to (Fanning, 2011). The paper aims to the show the personnel responsible for ensuring compliance with limiting conditions for operation and surveillance requirements at the nuclear generating plant and highlights the relationship between technical specifications and the physical defense in depth barriers. Limiting conditions for operation and surveillance requirements are two categories in the technical specifications document. Limiting conditions for operation are basically the conditions that oversee equipment operability at a nuclear generating plant. The operating conditions are known as modes. These conditions when at the lowest the operations of the plant will not run safely and the licensee will be required to ensure shut down of the plant and engage remedial actuals until all the conditions are met. The operation plant manager is responsible that all limiting requirements are met. Surveillance requirements, on the other hand, refer to the periodic tests done on the plant aimed at ensuring operability by checking the quality of systems and that the plant is within the limiting conditions (Fanning, 2011). These tests are usually done in line with the specifications set out which can have them done daily, weekly, monthly, etc. It is the responsibility of the senior corporate

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